Friday, November 7, 2008

Senator McCain. Take 5 minutes from your rest and defend Sarah Palin!

Now that the 2008 Presdential elections are over, everyone's taking a well deserved chance to catch their collective breath - with the exception of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin (R). She's busy responding to attacks that are now being fueled by none other than John McCain's own campaign staff. Where is Senator McCain?

These attacks amount to nothing more than a campaign staff that ran a lame campaign and are now attempting to throw SaraCuda under the bus.

The "leak" has refused to identify him/herself. (Secret info: it's Nicolle Wallace) Typical. So why hasn't the gentleman from Arizona taken a few minutes to step in front of a camera to defend SaraCuda?

Senator McCain, during the campaign you stood up and defended Barack Obama after the North Carolina Republicans ran a truthful ad against him. You did that within 2 minutes of the ad running. Yet it has been TWO DAYS since this garbage started and you remain silent.

Shame on you, sir.

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