Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Republican party must rebuild or get out of the way of the Conservatives!

This election has shown one thing to all of us: what we once knew as the Republican Party has lost itself in its efforts to try and be what moderates want it to be. In trying to please the moderates and the MainStream Media (MSM), those who once may have been conservative politicians have melted into...well, who knows.

If you've ever felt - and still feel - the need to apologize for being a conservative, take a look at all the so-called 'conservatives' who lost this go-around. They apologized and they lost.

Who knows what they stand for anymore? They must return to the basic conservative roots if they want to continue to represent us. They must have a basic knowledge of what those conservative roots are: Pro-life, pro-family, small goverment, strong defense, pro-business, pro-border defense, low taxes, and pro-Israel.

I'm sure there are more, but if the list grows, its new constituents will fall under the main theme of Small Government.

Our representatives must also kick to the curb the notion that being 'bipartisan' has any appeal . Every time a conservative has reached across the aisle in an effort at bipartisanship, he or she has drawn back a bloody stump! The new conservative definition of bipartisanship must be that "We do not bend on our principles. Acceptable bipartisanship is when - and only when - the left or middle agrees with Us!".

If the politicians calling themselves Republicans have any doubt about what I am - and many, more qualified folks are - saying, they should just continue with the 'bipartisan' meme and keep seeking to please the MSM. They will continue to lose elections and senate house seats. The last time the Republican Party really made sense?: When Newt Gingrich wrote The Contract For America and the conservatives took the majority in the Senate and House. How have they forgotten this!?

One bit of evidence of what works in this nation: Proposition 8 in California, which places a ban on homosexual marriage, was passed this election. Politicians worry and wrangle over how to reach minorities (read African-Americans and Hispanics). 70% of African-Americans voted for the ban. I'm not sure what the % of Hispanics who voted for the ban was, but it was as high, or higher, than that. Minorities vote for conservative, pro-family issues. Conservatives must also stop assuming that Hispanics who are here legally want anything other than the laws regarding legal immigration to be enforced. Stop insulting the people who are here legally by lumping them in with the ones who aren't!

There's a lot to be done before 2010. So-called conservatives who have a problem learning from this recent election and the elections of the past 20 years DO NOT deserve our votes. Let's let them know that!


Hawkins1701 said...

Just so you know, the numbers on Hispanics were about 56%.

Rush has been pointing to this as well.

I'm all for going back to unapologetic conservatism.

I'm just not sure if the fact that traditional marriage won everywhere on Tuesday translates to the same voters being possible conservative converts.

But hey, pandering to the illegal alien community has gotten us nowhere. That's a fun little experiment whose time is deservedly up.

Heckboy said...

Thanks for clearing that Hispanic vote number for me, Hawkins.